Meet the Puppets!

The Children’s Garden has over 100 puppets! Some only come to visit during the introduction of a new letter and sound, but a few help out regularly. Although these guest teachers don’t hold degrees, they help the children work through problems and reinforce important concepts.

Apple Annie
Apple Annie

"the eccentric one"

Apple Annie has quite the appetite. She is a bit eccentric and loves to visit the classroom when the children have “treats” to feed her. She can be picky though, only nibbling on certain letters, shapes, or objects (which magically appear in her ample stomach!)

Hug Me
Hug Me

"the shy one"

Hug Me is a shy, brown bear. Hug Me is too shy to speak out loud and will whisper in the teacher’s ear. Loud noises scare him. He is a grateful, please and thank you bear. Hug Me loves to make an appearance when a child might need a special friend to hold.


"the class clown"

This adorable little monkey is so silly. She always makes us laugh, but sometimes she is naughty. Teva is really not quite ready for preschool. She has a hard time sitting still and interrupts with monkey-chatter. Teva enjoys stories. "Rain Makes Applesauce" is her very favorite! Teva gives the children a chance to discuss sharing, being patient, what it means to be a friend, and how we can model the golden rule.

Waldo De Wolf

"speaks Spanish"

Waldo de Wolf is our Spanish speaking puppet. He counts in Spanish, tells stories about the 3 Little Pigs, has a bad case of halitosis, and sings songs badly. Fittingly, Waldo loves, loves, loves the letter “W”!


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